Sunday, November 10, 2013

Donna Nook, UK

Today, we took a fun trip about an hour away to the coast where we were told the seals come ashore to birth their pups.  It was cold and breezy but worth the effort when you check out what we saw!!!  Pictures in this case are worth 1000 words:

At the beginning of the week the report was that there were 80 new babies, but as of a couple of days ago, there were 200 and growing.  This is just a part of the beach area:  (be sure to double click and get the full effect!!!)
Then there are the moms and their babies:

and meet the closest pups, one taking a snooze on the beach next to the fence that separated us:
and my favorite of all:
The grandkids really loved watching the seals.  Who knew they had seals in England????

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