Saturday, April 25, 2009

Latest Project

Olney Centennial Celebration is one week from today, and the Hospital Auxiliary will have a table. We're planning a Bake Sale, and we have a great location just around the corner from the Gazebo (where many events will be). I've been making hot pads (such as they had 100 years ago) patterned after some my mom had. I remember these being around as far back as I can remember. We get so used to ever-updated technology, and some of these old talents are all but lost in this generation. My grandmother taught my mom, and my mom taught me when I was 8 or 9, and I've passed it on to my daughter. But most younger people I talk to don't know how to knit, crochet, darn a sock -- we just get new ones. Of course, I too take advantage of modern conveniences, but I thought it would be nice to promote this old art for our centennial. I'm actually having fun knitting and crocheting while watching movies or TV. I can now almost make one a day!!! We'll see how well they go at our table - I'll sell them for $5 apiece.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy-ness limits blog activity

There are always things to do with all the animals on a ranch (farm), -- and living on a gravel road creates more things to do IN the house - what with all the dust! It has been SO dry here for MONTHS, -- so there is a lot of dust kicked up by passing vehicles (5 or 6 a day!!!).
On the left, note the dust in the air compared to our more usual Texas sky on the right! Also note the lack of green secondary to the drought conditions!

This week we've had a couple of storms come through, so for the first time in a long time, there's no dust in the air!!! In fact, with 3" of rain about 10 days ago, and another inch 4 or 5 days ago, things are starting to green up nicely!!

Aside from the busy-ness associated with 'ranch' life, I became a member of the Hospital Auxiliary (i.e. 'pink ladies') a little over a year ago, and don't you know, they voted me in as President last fall! We only have a small hospital, Hamilton Hospital, here in Olney (about 20 beds), but it has a rich history. At one time, Olney was a thriving community of over 5,000! There were 3 clothing stores, a nice hotel with an ice cream parlor, a bowling alley, several banks, a tea room, a couple of five and dimes and lots more. Now we have around 3400 (at last census) which includes more than our fair share of government housing. Oil activity has fallen and taken with it much of the industry/business that was once here. Back then the hospital had over 100 beds and supported 8 or 10 doctors. Now we only have a couple and they bring docs in from around the area to cover the Emergency Room. Anyway, our auxiliary was once around 40 strong and now we have under 20! Since I've been president, the first regular BIG activity of our year is a bean and cornbread luncheon put on each spring. This is THE MAIN FUNDRAISER every year. Aside from that, we assist with projects wherever we can, and we provide fresh ice water, newspapers, and some companionship for the 7-18 patients. Our beans and cornbread meal was March 26th, so I was quite involved in that (but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures). Even Mike helped serve as we expanded to serving at Air Tractor (a major employer in Olney) as well as at the Civic Center. We also had a raffle (an afghan that my mom donated for the event). Then on April 8th & 9th, we had our first ever Book Fair and also finished up on the raffle. It was a very successful event, earning us just under $600 that will allow us to donate some additional things for the hospital. We're not done yet either! In 2 weeks the town of Olney celebrates it's centennial. The whole town will be turning out for city-wide events, and we'll have a pink lady table somewhere along Main Street. As the new president, I find myself busy organizing all these projects, new and old. 'My ladies' have been wanting new members and now I think I can keep them busy, so we're going to have a 'new member drive' along with the big Centennial Celebration!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Little Kitty doesn't miss a chance to kick Tober's butt!!! When Little Kitty first came she was a polite friendly Kitty that resided mostly on the back porch. But Tober, seeing her out on the porch would get pretty 'put out' and growl through the glass and bite on the wood frame to show Little Kitty what she'd like to do if she could just get through that glass!! NOW, Tober's rather 'laisez faire' but Little Kitty says 'point taken' and looks for her opportunities!! Yesterday was pretty windy and the directionality of the wind would blow the screen door ajar enough that she could get her paw in there and sneak through the door! AHA!! Where's that *#@** cat???? A one-sided cat fight ensued! Mike came to Tober's rescue and grabbed Little Kitty by the scruff to throw her out. All I heard was the cat fight and the LOUD scamper of chunky cat diving under the bed. Then Mike came in dripping blood from Kitty's response! She can be very fierce when 'tangled' with!! She bit BOTH of Mike's hands trying to get free - piercing skin with all 4 canines and probably nicking a vein! It's a good thing she's the OUTSIDE cat!
Now Tober gets to watch Kitty's comings and goings from a safe distance since Kitty moved her kittens from the front porch yesterday. THREE times we had to rescue them from behind the shelves in the back of the garage! That was obviously her first choice place to stash them! Finally she accepted the box on the side porch, her usual training grounds for the other two litters.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birds and Kittens

Well, when I got back from visiting family in Illinois and checking out our Ohio property (next post), I found Little Kitty sprawled out on the porch. I knew she should be due soon, but she was smaller than last time, so I figured I miscalculated. Then, on the morning of the 24th, I noticed she was smaller and looked in the box. Sure enough she had her kittens right on time, but she had only 3 this time (so no wonder she didn't look as big as last time - with 6!!). Anyway, all is well and she's being the attentive 24/7 mom as before!
In the meantime, while she's bathing her babies, the mockingbirds and white-capped sparrows fly in for breakfast and a bath! They are SO messy!! They love to drink the water and bathe in it - BUT they also poop in it!!! I've talked to them about it, but they pay me 'no never mind'!! They dance around in the food dish and spread it al over too! And not just the cat food, but the bigger chuncks of dog food too!!