Friday, March 18, 2011

A Record-Breaking Day

AND a pictoral update.....
For the first time today, my 13 hens:
laid 13 eggs:
and just a few days ago, we added some baby chicks to our menagerie:
Chicks to be laying hens - 2 kinds:
4 Americaunas (little striped heads) - they lay blue and green eggs!!!  and
4 Red 'something-or-others' . they lay brown eggs
and for Rancher Mike..... Cornish Chickens for dinner:
The place looks like a real ranch now.  All the horses, donkey, cows,bull and 3 calves were in the orchard just below the house:
Those 3 little calves really stick together.  Miss Whiteface cow should have her calf within the next month.

And one more ranch addition ..... a new tractor!!!  The old blue one went to auction.