Friday, October 23, 2009

Sky High!

Guess where the pot of gold is???? It's at our little ranch!!!! This was taken in July, after a little shower, and I was at my neighbors home (3/4 mile away), taking care of their garden while they were away. Doesn't it look no more than a mile away???? Now for more recent awesome skies:
On my way to Arizona to take care of Riley while John took Cheyenne on a surprise trip to Cancun, I became enamoured with the sky's incredible beauty... in fact, with gorgeous scenery too. On the way, I caught some incredible canyon views and sunsets. This is approaching sunset - the sun was behind clouds, and it was very 'dusky' .....
Driving on a little farther with my eyes glued to the mountains and sunset brought this gorgeous sky.....

......and, on the way back, the MOST incredible clouds kept me entertained! Just check out the various textures and the storm and sun effects! I had to stop SEVERAL times just to take pictures because it's not always SOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!

Note the big puffy clouds beyond the trees and the brightness of the white in the near clouds from the sun in spite of the blue-gray stormy area in the middle!

Note how the storm cloud has an opening (like a window) to highlight the distant bright white puffy clouds beyond the mountains.

The next two pictures were taken at the same place, different directions! Especially note the variety of textures in the clouds in the right picture.... Are these not breathtaking???? (click to enlarge)

Normally I crop some, but I couldn't bring myself to cut out the little gray whispies - I don't think I've been on a trip with more beautiful skies than this!!!
And how about this sunset shot with rows of mountain ranges in the distance!!! I did NOT doctor this picture either.... looks like I hit the color correct button and put in purple and pink hues, but this is pretty much how it was!!!!
God's paintbrush at work!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hay --- you guys!!!

I arrived home from Branson, MO/Charleston, IL late Friday, and it was dark, so I couldn't see any changes until morning. While I was gone, the field with native grasses was mowed and baled!
(You may have to click on this to see the bales in the field below the house. If you can't open this one, left click on the small pictures below this one.)
Just to give you an appreciation of how far we've come in about a year and a half: left is the field 4/15/08 and right is the same field 10/3/09....

What holds these bales together? Check the mesh that covers the outside of the bales:
How big are they, you wonder??? I certainly can't move them!!! Check out my kitty jumping off! It's a considerable jump!!!!

Stay tuned for more ranch news! I need to take a picture of the hen house for an update!!! Can you hardly wait???? :)