Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am so delinquent on this blog, but I've been out of town without my familiar computer and familiar software! There's too much to put in one blog, so I'll divide topics - starting with grandchildren and family. What blessed times we've had over the past couple of months!! Travis and Pam (and family + hounds) visited here at the ranch on their way to Phoenix for a few weeks of additional training. Though this picture was taken by Cheyenne in Phoenix, it's an awesome current family shot. Actually they also visited on their way back to the east coast to move to Italy, where they'll be for the next 3 years! While here the second time, Grandpa Mike took them to the Wildcatter Ranch (a steak and ribs place) for dinner, and they took some good pictures:

(from here down, left clicking once will enlarge any small picture)

I thought this was a particularly great photo, capturing Grandpa with Brenden and Marissa.

After their first visit, Travis and Pam arranged for Marissa's baptism while in Phoenix, so Grandma ("Noni") headed for Phoenix to represent our family at the baptism. They were at Luke AFB for another week or so, so we got to spend some time together every day. When Travis wasn't busy on his graduate studies, he was helping Brenden share his love of trains (choo-choos) with his cousin, Riley (who now has a love for choo-choos and cars too).

Here's beautiful Marissa (below, left), showing off her new Noni beanie and it wouldn't be complete without Pam and a good shot of Brenden! While together at 20 months old, Brenden and Riley developed a password (Da-dah) which none of us adults have a clue what it means, but they are very enthusiastic when saying it to each other. It's how Riley knew if Brenden was in the house, and how they greet each other on Skype now that they are in Italy and carry on quite the da-dah conversation!!

Of course I stayed with Cheyenne as John was deployed and I was to be her labor coach. Her due date was about 2 weeks away. Of course in her inimitable fashion, she was 8 days past her due date (last time it was 10)! Riley seemed oblivious to the impending arrival of his little sister. He loved playing outside as you can see.

Because of Cheyenne's last fast labor and delivery in an apartment parking lot, we prayed for discernment as to when to go to the hospital (about 1/2 hour drive) ... not too early, not too late and prayed that her doctor could be there for the delivery. For her account, check out http://www.cjwilson34.blogspot.com/ ("Did we make it to the hospital?") Things could not have fallen into place better! Alas Scarlett Chaeny Wilson was born at 0336 on May 11th, and I was back home by the time Riley woke up and he was none the wiser! He did so well during the transition to 'big brother'. No tears until Mommy got home with the baby. When he saw her sitting there holding his new sister, he was incredulous!!! Heart broken!! How could Mommy bring that baby home???? By later in the day, he'd gotten over the shock and has been fine ever since!

With no further adieu, here's the beautiful brand new Scarlett, just minutes old with her mommy:
and here's Scarlett in her new Noni beanie ready to go home:

And here's Scarlett during her first photoshoot! Do you think she's going to be a well photographed child???

And last but not least, HERE"S SCARLETT.... at one week with her new 'Aunt Pam' bracelet! Needless to say, she's a welcome addition to the Winslow family, and now Marissa will have a playmate whenever the families come to visit in years to come! We are very happy grandparents!