Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time Changes Everything....

Doesn't this relate to everything in this life???  Children constantly change.  Relationships change.  Seasons change.  But, God never changes!!!  The rainbow is a great reminder of God's promise to us.  Over time,  things in life can change.  Take this rainbow for example.  Mike took this photo because we were so impressed with how BRIGHT the rainbow was!!!  He then gave me the camera and I took the other end of the rainbow, but when I turned back, the brighter end looked different.....The brightness was muted as it was quickly disappearing, but note the funky lighting on the trees and the grey sky on one side of the rainbow and the beautiful blue sky on the other!!  The rainbow may not be as bright, but I LOVE this picture and all it's nuances!!!  (Additionally, one could make such relationships to life transitions)  What did Forrest Gump say in the movie?  "Life is like a bowl of chocolate"?  I think life is more like a rainbow with rainy times, sunny times and times of transition - ever changing!!

And, here's the other end of the rainbow with an interesting sky... grey clouds, white clouds and blue skies in the distance.  Funky light in the field and wet bales of hay -- our very own!!!!After the storm, out came the horses to check out the new bales of hay that Mike had brought up from the field.  (L to R: Tutu, Doc, Eeyore and Racey)  After the rain, life is good again!!!