Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where's the BEEF??????

"There seems to be something new on the ranch!" (Checking out new arrivals) Though I've been calling our Texas home a 'ranch', it's been a little deficient! What do you expect to find when you visit a RANCH????? Hmmmmm.... HORSES of courses!! A herd of CATTLE!! A working DOG to help 'round up' the cattle!! Some CATS to keep the mice, rats and snakes away! DONKEYS or MULES (they're good to keep coyotes away), and of course some COWBOYS and COWGIRLS!! Up till now, we've been missing a key player.... NO CATTLE!!! Well, now we're a full-fledged RANCH!!!! Now we've got the beef!!!!

"What do you suppose these are??? They sure don't look like us!!! NOT HORSES!!!" We have four 6-9 month old Angus heifers and a brown calf with a white interestingly marked face (don't know what breed she is!!!). They're only interested in one thing!
Is it time for dinner yet??? Sam knows he's supposed to do something with these critters, but what??? Right now, he dashes at them and snaps his teeth just to show them who's boss!! They give him space. Soon he'll be able to help round 'em up and bring 'em home.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Orphans with new mom!

Since Kitty vanished from the scene, her baby care has fallen to me. I tried to get Powder or Sienna to adopt their mom's babies, but NO WAY!!! So, we're getting along just fine!! They're growing and they are the friendliest babies and LOVE to be loved on!! So here's substitute Mama with her brood ----
I have to wear tall socks and my boots to keep from getting too scratched up! Their claws are like little razor blades! They slice through skin like butter!!!