Monday, September 19, 2011

It's not over yet!!!!!

DROUGHT:  I just read the following excerpt from an LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) Bulletin:The 11 months from October 2010 through August 2011 have been the driest for that 11-month period in Texas since 1895, when the state began keeping rainfall records. This summer in Texas has been the hottest in the country’s history, according to the National Weather Service.

This is what we've experienced over the past 6 months!!!
This WAS our 'Stock Tank' when we moved here - we actually have two on the property, but this is the larger one which is stocked with bass and catfish and has NEVER gone dry!!
Here it is today - a big mud puddle!!!  I don't know how many fish have survived, but some have died, and they're now fair game for hawks and racoons and coyotes.
If it doesn't rain soon, there'll be nothing!!!  We've had a few showers in the past week, but the rain is just enough to wet the driveway.  The most we have had is a quarter of an inch, and that's like spitting in the tank!!!!!  The whole community is praying for rain!!! 

No rain, no grass, no hay to feed livestock for the winter!! This picture was last October 2nd followed by a picture taken just a few days ago:

Then there's our yard!!!!
The trees have taken a huge hit!!!  Last year the Crepe Myrtles along the sidewalk bloomed all summer!  I'm only seeing blooms right now and unless we get more rain, I'm afraid they'll drop and we won't get flowers.  We've been having to water them just to keep them alive, and as you can see, the shrubs at the base of the crepe myrtles aren't looking too good!!!. 
 The huge tree beside the house has lost lost of leaves and there used to be grass to mow at the base of the tree in front of the fence!!
 In the back yard, we've had to drip water the apple trees.  One looks OK, but the other isn't looking very good although I'm seeing some new leaves since we've watered.
The leaves on the ground are from the BIG tree in the back.  Even though they have deep roots, we've had to water it.  I'd hate to lose those big beautiful trees!!  Everything is brown except weeds and mesquites!!!

Aside from the drought, Mike was trying to reclaim some grazing land from the Mesquite trees, which are like "tree weeds" as in they constantly reseed and grow fast.   He hired a 'dozer to come in and remove most of the mesquite.  Unfortunately, I have looked through every picture album and don't have a decent before picture.  The closest is this picture of our first little calf kicking up her heels... if you can check out the background, you can get a sense of the overgrowth.

Now there are just SOME trees!!!