Friday, February 11, 2011

Awesome Texas sunset & Number 8

After looking at the Texas pics on the Wilson Chronicals, I must add a sunset shot right across the road from where Cheyenne took her sunset shot... When I learn to photoshop, I'll crisp it up and make it even more striking!!!  Check out all the mistletoe!

Our little herd of brangus cows has now grown to eight!!!  Number 2 cow gave birth on Saturday at 5:30 pm, almost EXACTLY 3 weeks (to the hour) from our first new calf... and this one is also a strong and beautiful little heifer! 
She's less than 24 hours old here, and it amazes me how they tolerate the frigid winter temperature and vicious winds we've had lately.  I thought we moved to Texas where the winters were mild, but we were snowed in for almost 5 days last week with single digit temperatures and a wind chill that easily made it below zero.  Very hardy animals!!  We have one more that is ready to deliver.... maybe on Saturday.  Don't want to break the pattern!!