Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Dillo Damage

This, my friends, is the most efficient (and devastating) lawn aerator known to man -- the armadillo!! Wild pigs do a job on your property too - they do more than aerate, they dig BIG holes (VERY destructive to lawns). The problem with this Texas critter is that he visits mostly at night and is gone by morning. He makes friends with Sam (dog) and the cats. He's very focused on his work, and when bothered, he just moves to another spot and starts digging for grubs. His shell-like cover protects him from most predators (including me with the broom), and he's hard to catch. He doesn't bite, but he has formidable looking claws. We 'bagged' this one a couple of times (NO easy task) and moved him on down the road, but he'd find his way back. Then we took him a mile or so away. Now either he's back or one of his friends!! Every morning we go out to more areas of excavation!! He particularly likes to go along stones and around trees.... (feel free to click on pics below to take a better gander of the completed 'work')
but the lawn is fair game too, especially if there's a tree nearby with lots of roots that might attract grubs....
I don't know how I'm going to get my flowers to grow and bloom with all the help he's giving me!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Winter!!!!

Here it is, almost Valentines Day, and it looks more like Christmas!!! It's been a real winter here!! BIG SNOW STORM, cold weather, heavy frost, and now more snow! But this one was more of a pretty all-day snow fall with temperatures right at freezing overnight with progressive warming over the past couple of days - so, it's almost gone and up to 56 degrees today. This was Rodgers Road yesterday. Our property is to the right of this road. Welcome to the country!!!I dashed out to take snow pics towards town, but the best pictures yesterday were right here in the pecan orchard. Even though the snow was melting off, the horses enjoyed wandering and foraging in the snow. did the heifers and bull. They're growing as they should, and while there's little grass to be had in the fields, they eat a huge bail of hay about every other week.