Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Kodak Moment....

With Cheyenne's help (a Cheyenne Tutorial), we photoshopped this picture after looking for a local photo op!!!  This is a nearby old outhouse.  I think I may do a blog on 'Things Remembered from Long Ago'.  This is just a sample of what's in our local area!!!  Pay particular attention to the detail.  The first picture is fine, but with a little sharpening and intensifying of color, it's spectacular!!!  I can be a local Ansel Adams!!!!



Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In this case, Quatro y uno = Dos!!!  Bad math, you say!!!  All of our cattle are ear-tagged.  Mr Bull is Numero Uno!!!  And the heifers are 2-6!  That's the extent of our herd!!  BUT now we have SEVEN!!  Number 4 gave birth Saturday evening to a very sturdy, healthy little heifer who will soon wear ear tag #7. 

INTRODUCING  our FIRST calf (here, 12 hours old):
and it turns out, she has a lot of vim and vinegar and she's only 48 hours old:

Her mom keeps a close eye on her at all times and hustles about to keep up with the frolicking little #7.  She kicks her heels up like a bucking bronc and she runs like the wind. As you can see she's a very cute furry little baby.  She will soon have playmates to frolic with as I think Mr. Bull has proved himself x 5.  Even little White Face (above), the youngest of our heifers, looks pretty pregnant though she won't be second to give birth.  We should have one or two more in the next couple of weeks

This afternoon, Mr Bull was checking out his offspring!
Check out her beautiful long eye lashes!  I'm jealous!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pirogies anyone??

I've had this pirogi maker for several months with the hope of making some pirogis or fried pies to try it out.  I'm now glad to say .... it works!!!!!  It makes pirogies that look professional!  Check 'em out!!

To the right is the simple hinged maker, into which you place a circle of rolled-out dough and fill the little pocked with potato and onion mixture with some herbs and spices added and some cheddar cheese or you can fill with sauerkraut and potatoes.

When done they look like those on the tray - every one picture perfect.  I am so impressed with this little gadget!  It comes in 3 sizes - this is actually the smallest one. At this point, I froze several for a later meal.

For dinner right away, you plop some in salted boiling water until they float, then move to the frying pan. 

In the fry pan, I melted butter and sauteed some onions, then added the pirogis.  When they started to show a little color, I took them out and served them up with a dab of sour cream on top.  Boy, were they good!!!  Pam, I think you'd love one of these!!  It really did make it easier, and not a single one fell apart in the water.