Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flag with a Mission

Since Travis deployed with the Special Forces out of Hunter AB near Savannah, GA in 2007 to his present day deployment from Aviano AFB, Italy to Afghanistan, the meat department at our local Stewart's Food Market right here in Olney has been selecting and slicing beef for jerky which Mike smokes and processes, vacuum packs and sends to wherever Travis is deployed.  John also benefitted from some of Stewarts jerky beef during his deployment a year ago and more recently our niece, Chrys, currently in Alaska received a surprise package of jerky.  Travis carried this flag aboard his F-16 for a recent mission and sent if to express his thanks as well as that of his Special Forces friends and his F-16 colleagues who have shared in his bounty

Pictured above are:(L to R) Me and Mr. Mike, Jason Pack (manager of the meat dept), Paul Garcia and Joe Cameron (meat dept staff), Homer Molina (store manager) and Danny Stewart (owner).  We are missing Robert Stewart, Danny's brother who we shook hands with on our way out!!  For a small town like Olney, we have a very nice grocery and folks come from all around for their meats.  Now their meat has even been eaten abroad!!!!