Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lincoln, UK - Castle and Cathedral

A couple of days ago, I took my Facebook friends to the Petwood Hotel, just outside of Woodhall Spa, UK.  Today we're going to Lincoln, where there is a castle and the well-known Lincoln Cathedral, founded in 1088 commissioned by William the Conqueror.  Enjoy the pictures!!  One qualifier though, although I can stitch and adjust color and contrast and crop, I don't know how to fill in or straighten as you will see, so it's not my best work .... yet!!!

First, this is Lincoln Castle which was also built for William the Conqueror (kinda like a northern headquarters) while he fought in the north of England, and has existed until present day as a prison and law court.  It also houses a museum.  It would appear that there is reconstruction at present.
 Walking around town the spires of Lincoln Cathedral are visible from most streets and indeed, from about 20 or more miles away as well.  As usual, I find myself getting more physical therapy, climbing up and down hills to access the wonderful sights!

 Lincoln Cathedral is also called St Mary's Cathedral, or the church of St Mary Magdalene of Lincoln.  It was almost destroyed by an earthquake in 1185.  After the earthquake, a new bishop was installed, St Hugh de Burgundy of Avalon, France and did most of the rebuilding.  He died in 1200.  Reconstruction continued and was pretty much done by 1235AD. The Central Tower was added and made the structure the tallest structure in the world until 1549 when the spire blew down and was never replaced.  This photo is taken from the same spot as the castle shot, just do an about face and you're at the entrance to the cathedral.
Check out the detail on the outside!!!  Imagine building that back around 1100-1200!!  I think it's incredibly beautiful with all the carvings... Just wait till you go inside!!!!

You can get the idea of it's size by the little lady in the red sweatshirt standing on the grass at the far front.)
These two show the beautiful ceilings (note they come to a bit of a point and not round).  The design was for the integrity of the roof, as there was a history of cave ins previously. And check out the columns.  On the left is the nave, where communion is served, and on the right is an aisle, and there's another just like it on the other side of the nave.  The beauty and intricate design is breath-taking!!!

What you can't appreciate looking down the aisle is the stained glass!!  It also is amazing, and the windows above are very artful as well.

As you can see below, this large stained glass window is above the heavy wooden door at the entrance.  The colors actually pop more than this.....

Also just outside of the entry to the cathedral grounds is the High Bridge, constructed in 1160, .... on the one side there is a bench (here with Pam and Marissa) ....

and right across from them is this shopping area built in the 1500s replacing a chapel from 1265 dedicated to Thomas Becket (for you history fans), making this the oldest bridge in England with a structure on it.  (Also notice the greenery on the roof.... there is moss or vines growing on EVERYTHING ... all that moisture you know!!)
I hope you enjoyed your tour of Lincoln.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike and Judi, a nice article on Lincoln, UK - Castle and Cathedral.
I live in Lincoln and I am still learning about it's hidden treasures and history.
Your visit in November, not all that warm, yet your write up plus very good photographs is a good advert for visitors to our fine old city.
Wishing you both well, Regards, Neil.