Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time to blog.....

It's been 15 months since we last blogged on this site and it's time to catch up on some things and share more meaningful experiences than one can on Facebook.  I totally enjoy the pictures and friends on Facebook, but one has to keep it brief.  It's more superficial than blogging.  Using this mode is more like keeping a historical account. 

The calves in the last blog have grown up.  Because our bull is their dad, we couldn't keep them, though they were NICE calves!!!  So we've since traded with a friend and we have other heifers and the momma cows have had new calves that are now about 4 months old.  This time we have a little black (Brangus) bull and the white faced cow below had a brown-black little heifer ... both nice little calves.

I love the expression in the little bulls face!! 
We have a total of 8 bovines (1 bull, 2 cows, 3 heifers and 2 calves)
Including what you can't see, there are 3 horses and the donkey for equines!!!
That's the extent of our little ranch!!!
While I'm relating to 'western' stuff, y'all probably are aware of my renewed love of photography, most of which is from the local area.  I've rather found my niche in landscape and nature photography and am busy trying to learn to photoshop when needed (actually I have Paint Shop Pro X4) and make little inroads as I experiment.  Sometimes I get frustrated if I can't make something look as I saw it through my eyes.  Anyway, many of my pictures are displayed in our new Clinic and Wellness Center.  I will add a few of my favorites so you can get the flavor of our ranch and nearby sites:
A Nest of Kittens
Grain Elevators

Springtime Wild Flowers along the Roadside

Blue Bonnets along Lake Graham
Old Historic Grocery and Deli

Grazing Cattle among Flowering Weeds after a Storm

Texas Roadside Fauna

Textures after an Ice Storm

 Hope you enjoy!!!


Snakeye said...

It's about time! What's the difference between a "cow" and the others? Is it a neutered bull or something?

Judi Winslow said...

Bull = full service!!! (Out of commission = steer)
Cow = mature female...
Heifer = 'immature' female
Calf = non gender baby...
That's the designation for this blog anyway.